Push Your Limits Workout

Vinicius Da Silva
46 Min 377 KCal
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Push Your Limits Workout is a program designed to increase your fitness and muscular endurance, burn lots of calories, and improve your athletic endurance. Training takes place only with your own body weight, so there is no need for expensive equipment. The full-body workout is very athletic and presupposes a good basic fitness. People with existing injuries or problems with the spine and ankles should consult a doctor in advance before engaging in these activities. The course is strenuous so, as always, do only as much as feels good. If you can not continue during any of the exercises, stop the exercise but try to stay loose and moving gently to ensure that your muscles don't cool down before the next exercise! You don´t have to perform all exercises from the workout, but you should aim to increase your performance step by step. The workout includes burpees, lunges, squats, push-ups, crunches and much more.