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Frequently asked questions

Which membership is right for me?
Doesn´t matter which membership you choose, the first 7 days you test our online gym completly free and without any risk. Only on the 8th day after signing the contract we reserve off if you did not cancel in advance via email. Its very simple, click here, choose the desired membership and enter your data. A quick final check and send. Off you go!
How can I cancel my membership?
After registration you can enjoy our 3 hours per month (Cyber Training). If you are not satisfied, click here and send us an email within the first 7 days (subject: "Membership cancellation''). Please add your name, membership ID and the cancellation reason. You will receive a cancellation confirmation email from us in no time.
How can I pay?
The payments are run through Visa , Master Card, Amex, Discover or JCB. You will be charged automatically each month, and of course if you are satisfied.
What about Safety Data?
All personal information and data will be handled confidential and will not be distributed to any third party. Personal data is for internal use only.

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