4 Secrets to Fighting Annoying Winter Hair Static!

Dry climates, including those caused by overzealous heating systems - wreak havoc on your locks, causing static electricity probs that can make you resemble a walking science experiment. Don't panic if the no-gravity look isn't your thing. 

4 Secrets to Fighting Annoying Winter Hair Static!

Some tricks to keep your strands right where they belong.

Give Dry Air the Heave-ho

Sometimes a lack of moisture creates static. So buy a humidifier or, if you live in an older home, put a wet towel over your radiator for a half hour to release moisture into the air. The less dry your surroundings are, the less likely static will come a-knocking.


Evaluate Your Wardrobe

Man-made materials cause more static than natural ones. So opt for cotton, linen, silk, and wool over rayon, polyester, and nylon.


Choose Your Products Wisely

Think of conditioner as your BFF but shampoo like that friend you only see for brunch once a month (meaning use it sparingly). And if standard conditioning isn't doing the trick alone, it's time to replace some of your go-to products with static-fighting heavyweights.


Try This Hairspray Trick

Spray your brush, and run it through damp hair. Then blow-dry, style, spritz the brush again, and swipe it through one last time.